Donate to WAYO

Please make a tax-deductible donation to our station! As thanks, you will receive one or more of the below gifts based on your donation amount.

$5 Donation: Handmade WAYO Magnet

Created by Cat Clay Studio / Design by Emily Ianacone

$20 Donation: WAYO T-Shirt (Fingers)

Illustration by Mike Turzanski. Printed by Galaxy Graphics on a gray Next Level t-shirt.

$20 Donation: WAYO T-Shirt (Early Bird)

Illustration by Nick Gurewitch. Printed by Galaxy Graphics on a blue Next Level t-shirt.

$20 Donation: 7" (The Way Outs)

7" created for WAYO's 2014 fundraising campaign. Record features Jeff Haschmann (No Glitter), Ben Morey (Howlo), Erick Perrine and Katie Preston (Pleistocene) covering the Flintstones' faux-Beatles band the Way Outs' song and Danny Hutton's mid-60s hit "Roses and Rainbows." The hand-numbered record comes with a sleeve designed by Ben Morey and printed in Rochester by Hide the Bodies Press. Limited edition of 100.

You may choose to receive one or more gifts as our thanks for your donation.