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104.3fm WAYOFM.ORG >>PRISM RADIO>>> Dub reggae from the 70's and 80's, syrupy Electronic music from the ACROSS THE GLOBE, geo-specific Funk&Soul&R&B, HIP HOP, Afro-Beat, House and its freaky cousins, obscure breaks, Gamelan, Ancient yawning Blues, Library Music, post-punk, experimental melodic Jazz, Cosmic Jazz, your brothers Jazz, your Grandma's Jazz, Trip-Hop neon spank, Japanese bangers, jazz jazz, HIP HOP, Beats, Disco, instrumentals of smoke and flavor from but not limited to; PsyROCK-a-delic, Funk, Soul, Afrodesiatic grooves from AFRICA, jelly and jam of INDIAN flair, folk Americana, tasty Latin treats, Balearic, Calypsoul, Salsoul, mystic ROOTS, and much much more. Enter the hyperbaric chamber of electro-magnificient fuzz -- Join me every Saturday @ 1pm (EST) on 104.3fm from Rochester, NY. STREAM LIVE >>>WAYOFM.ORG

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