Almost Tuesday Episode 10 With Natalee Kiesling, Chris Thompson, Kyle Baker and Jon Laurin

Tonight we are all feeling like we are not the ones calling the shots. From The Comedy Club in Webster, NY, our big guest is Natalee Kiesling for a new segment in which she and Woody dissect some of their favorite bits from their favorite comedy records. Chris Thompson and Kyle Baker do a special Chronicles of Nonsense featuring online dating tips! Hannah Weidner of Hardwood, Cantelope and The Doorway Talkers plays two songs live! Braden Stewart delivers some extremely stirring audio! Also we squeeze in a discussion about the lesser 90s Batman films until a conservative cowboy drops in to tell Rob Ferries, Jon Laurin, Kara Maillie, Hannah and Woody what’s what. Check out all the other great WAYO programming and our full archives at

Monday, February 1, 2016