Almost Tuesday #11 With Sarah Benson, Braden Stewart, Chris Thompson and Matty Garrett

Happy birthday to Jon Laurin who was absent from this night’s proceedings (for that reason)! Malcolm Whitfield and Kara Maillie handle production this week, and from standup and improv, our interview guest tonight is Sarah Benson and we talk about comedy writing and short form v. long form improv. Scouter Steve drops in to talk about a plan to counteract our National Parks budget shortfalls! On The Chronicles of Nonsense, Chris Thompson tells Woody about a so-dumb-it’s-hard-to-believe event planned by a men’s rights blogger. Matty Garrett of Cantelope plays two songs live with a little help on one from Jim Watkins! This week’s grab bag of voices includes Hannah Weidner, Rob Ferries, Malcolm, Kara, Jim, and Braden Stewart. Check out all the other great WAYO programming and our full archives at

Monday, February 8, 2016