Almost Tuesday #19 With Ben Morey, Lucas Gardner, Chris Thompson, Kara Maillie and YOUR CALLS

Today Woody gives back to the community by offering unexpert advice in the realms of psychology and human interaction with the help of Jon Laurin and Kara Maillie. Many people call in and share their problems and Woody drops an advice bomb on all of them. Also Chris Thompson returns with The Chronicles of Nonsense, with the aid of Kara and our old friend Larry, and our music guest is Ben Morey from the devastatingly good band Howlo to play two live songs and talk about juggling different music projects. Also you hear the voices of Braden Stewart, Lucas Gardner, Jason Falk, Kyle Baker, Zach Slavny and more! Check out all the great programming at and like our Facebook page for all the latest A.T. info!

Monday, April 4, 2016