Almost Tuesday #20 With Chris Thompson, Olli Siiki, Moon Flat Miner and Brian Enck

What would you do on your first date with Donald Trump? Chris Thompson answers that question with his tale of attending the Rochester Trump rally this weekend in an episode-spanning Chronicles of Nonsense! Kara Maillie gives us some extremely situation-specific date ideas! BIG GUEST: we speak to Woody’s old friend, comedian from Finland Olli Siiki who talks about what the Finnish comedy scene is like and how Robin Williams changed his life. Also comedian Brian Enck stops in to talk about the changes in the Rochester scene since he moved to New York City and regale us with a tale of dating gone about as wrong as possible. Our musical guest tonight is a new band on the scene called Moon Flat Miner (featuring members of the 23 Psaegz) plus we hear a few goofs from Malcolm Whitfield, Rob Ferries, Andrea Springer, and our show was produced by Kara, Malcolm and Jon Laurin. Listen to all the great WAYO programming at

Monday, April 11, 2016