Almost Tuesday #22 Prince/Richard Lyons Tribute with Ryan Jennings, Total Yuppies and Braden Stewart

Today, Almost Tuesday is all about honoring musical icons that left us too soon. We pay homage to the legendary Prince and to music pioneer Richard Lyons of Negativland. Woody interviews Ryan Jennings about Prince’s legacy and regales participants in the Grab Bag segment with a tale of U2, Negativland, and Casey Kasem. Braden Stewart contributes an odd awesome audio piece sampling the work of our two central subjects, and Jacob Walsh and Ben Burdett from Total Yuppies amaze us all with two songs featured on their upcoming EP. A special surprise guest in the grab bag segment helps Woody and Jon deal with the concept of mortality. Plus, this episode features the voices of Rob Ferries, Malcolm Whitfield, and Andrea Springer. Find us on Facebook, and now on Twitter and Instagram at @almost_tuesday and as always give some auditory love to all the programming on WAYO at

Monday, April 25, 2016