Almost Tuesday #24 with Lucas Gardner, Madelein Smith, Becca Barnum, Chris Thompson and music by Rosehip

Fight Fight Fight! This week our friends chat about fights, scuffles, revenge and bullies! Musical guest Rosehip plays two astounding live songs, Madelein Smith talks about a years-long plot for quasi-justice, Lucas Gardner calls in from THE BIG CITY with a story of theater prima donnas and personal injury, Becca Barnum talks comic books and joke testing, Andrea Springer gets in on the tales of fisticuffs, and Chris Thompson delivers a new Chronicles of Nonsense with the help of producers Kara Maillie and Malcolm Whitfield. As usual Braden Stewart delivers some audio, this time laced with some 8 bit nostalgia. All of our archives are available on and please follow us on twitter and instagram: @almost_tuesday, like us on Facebook, and listen to all the great WAYO programming on

Monday, May 9, 2016