Almost Tuesday #25 with Glenwood and Stinky Bishop

Saddle up for this week's episode of Almost Tuesday! It's a wild ride. This week features improv team Stinky Bishop, which is comprised of Rob Ferries and Andrea Springer. Woody joins in the improv shenanigans as a dachshund-loving salesman caught in the middle of a family feud. Malcolm Whitfield and Kara Maillie produce this week's show and discuss mundane superpowers and what really comprises a tri-county area. The unparalleled Glenwood joins us as the music guest with two live performances, and the Grab Bag segment reveals underlying feelings about equestrian life and demystifies the speaking voices of pre-radio POTUSes. As always, lend your ears to the fantastic programming on and follow us on Instagram and Twitter at almost_tuesday!

Monday, May 16, 2016