Almost Tuesday #26 with Heather Zajkowski, Ross Johnson, Talking Under Water, Chris Thompson and Brian Enck

In this stellar week of Almost Tuesday, Woody tries fruitlessly to get guests on board for his Mars expedition. We're incredibly jazzed to have interview guests Heather Zajkowski and Ross Johnson from WAYO's The Sound of Tomorrow to talk about radio, poop suits, and their ongoing attempts to gain the notice of Ira Glass. Dave Chisolm and Elise Hughey of Talking Underwater grace us with two top-notch live performances, and Chris Thompson horrifies Woody with his plan to abolish the "urinary patriarchy" in The Chronicles of Nonsense. Braden Stewart beamed in a sound collage about private space jaunts, and our Grab Bag segment this week includes Kelsey Clair Hagen and Brian Enck and our beloved producers, Jon Laurin and Kara Maillie, discussing the TSA's intergalactic jurisdiction. As always, tune in to all the awesome programming on and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at Almost_Tuesday.

Monday, May 23, 2016