Almost Tuesday #27 with Chris Alan, Andrea Springer, Chris Thompson and Malcolm Whitfield

Can't take the summer heat? You're in luck: this week, we've got a real chill episode for you. Jon and Kara took a well-deserved holiday this week, so Woody is at the sound-helm. Comedian extraordinaire and Rochester native, Chris Alan, joins us for the first hour and tells us about his experience opening for Amy Schumer in his hometown in front of 10,000 people. Chris Thompson, Malcolm Whitfield, and Andrea Springer join in the conversation and talk about baby nihilists and current events. You'll hear some of Braden Stewart's sound collages past and great tracks from a few of our favorite music guests. You'll also hear the gang slowly whittling away at Malcolm's self-esteem. Remember to listen to all the great programming on WAYO ( and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @almost_tuesday

Monday, May 30, 2016