Almost Tuesday #29 With Duane Wilt, The Amanda Ashley Trio, and Chris Thompson

Don't let this episode be the one that got away! This week, our interview guest comedian Duane Wilt talks stand up, 90s hip hop, and a small town sensibility, Amanda Ashley and Beau Ryan from the Amanda Ashley Trio perform two stunning pieces live in our first hour. Braden Stewart delivers another excellent audio oddity and Chris Thompson's The Chronicles of Nonsense has producer Kara Maillie perpetrating violent acts with near impunity and Katie Mueller laying down the law. Woody finally finds a suitable Radiohead conversationalist in Hannah Weidner, and the Grab Bag Gang, which features Katie, Hannah, Kara, Brian Enck and producer Jon Laurin, discovers the ideal man for Kara and explores the darker side of angling. As always, give a listen to some of the great programming on and follow us on Twitter and IG at almost_tuesday! Produced by Woody Battaglia, Jon Laurin, Kara Maillie and Malcolm Whitfield. Social Media by Andrea Springer and Nicole Oliver is our Archive Oracle.

Monday, June 13, 2016