Almost Tuesday #30 With Brandie Posey, Ritey O'Reilly, Chris Thompson and Braden Stewart

Start your week off right with the latest episode of Almost Tuesday. This week, our music guest Ritey O'Reilly delivers two excellent music performances (harmonicas make us swoon) and our interview guest, national comedian and actress Brandie Posey, calls to talk comedy with Woody and inspire hero worship in Kara and Andrea. Braden Stewart's sound collage this week is a tasty morsel, and Chris Thompson's Chronicles of Nonsense segment serves up some truth about national reactions to tragedy. The Grab Bag segment for this week, which includes Zach Slavny and Andrea Springer, has us exploring our dark pasts as reformed goth kids and Andrea's even darker past as a vengeful child cartoonist. Producers Kara Maillie and Jon Laurin, team up to work the board this week. Special thanks to Nicole Oliver the archive Oracle. Remember to listen to some awesome programming, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and IG at almost_tuesday!

Monday, June 20, 2016