The Very Best of Almost Tuesday Volume 1

This is our first ever Best Of Almost Tuesday show as we took off this week for the 4th. You’ll hear the voices of comedians Jon Laurin, Kara Maillie, Malcolm Whitfield, Andrea Springer, Rob Ferries, Dan Maslyn, and Chris Thompson. Our live music guests were Josh Fox, Calicoco, Jon Lewis and The Dwayne Johnsons. Braden Stewart produced and starred in Family Vacations, and Special thanks to our call in guests Brandie Posey and Lucas Gardner, and our show is produced by Jon Laurin and Kara Maillie, with social media by Andrea Springer and our archivist is Nicole Oliver. Every episode of Almost Tuesday is available at WAYOFM.ORG and you can find us Facebook as well as on Twitter and Instagram Almost_Tuesday

Hour 1
:35 - Cold Open: “You Have To Be_____To Ride This Ride” from A.T. #16, 3/14/16
2:31 - Live music performance of ‘2.99’ by Josh Fox from A.T. Training #2 11/16/15
8:59 - Group chat “Biggie Died in Rochester” Woody, Jon and Malcolm from A.T. #12 2/15/16
11:51 - Stand Up track “Don’t Touch My Banana” by Brandie Posey from A.T. #12 2/15/16
15:48 - Interview by Woody and Jon of comedian Brandie Posey from A.T. #12 2/15/16
44:00 - Live music performance of “Until the Last Time” by Calicoco from A.T. #2 12/7/15
48:22 - Audio sketch “Family Vacations” by Braden Stewart from A.T. Sneak Previews 8/31/15
52:17 - Group chat “Hardwood’s Escape From NY” with Kara, Malcolm, Woody, Dan and Jon from A.T. #2 12/7/15

Hour 2
1:03:23 Cold Open: “Rejection Letter” from A.T. #17 3/21/16
1:05:37 Live Music Performance of “The Compass Always Wins” by Jon Lewis from A.T. #13 2/23/16
1:10:30 The Chronicles of Nonsense with Chris Thompson, Kara, and Woody from A.T. #13 2/23/16
1:19:23 Call-in segment - “Lucas Gardner from NYC” with Mike Yates, Jon and Woody from A.T. #7 1/11/16
1:41:38 Group Chat - POTUS Impressions with Andrea Springer, Malcolm, Kara, Rob Ferries and Woody from A.T. 25 5/16/16
1:48:32 Live music Performance of “Dis Li’l City” by The Duane Johnsons from A.T. #4 12/22/16
1:56:49 Credits

Monday, July 4, 2016