Almost Tuesday #32 With Alex Ng, Jackson Cavalier, Kara Maillie, Malcolm Whitfield, Braden Stewart and Jon Laurin

Get on your feet and get motivated for Almost Tuesday! This week DJ and host of the late lamented Elektrobank show Alex Ng stops by to talk about playing to the masses vs. playing to the room, motivational speaker Vance Vangara shows up to give Kara and Woody a pep-talk, musical guest Jackson Cavalier brings his passions to the studio in the form of two live songs, Braden Stewart drops in to explain to us the magic of the Charisma Myth, and everybody is just plain tickled to chat with each-other during our grab bag of voices. Tonight's show was written by Andrea Springer and Woody Battaglia, and produced by Malcolm Whitfield, Kara Maillie and Jon Laurin. Nicole Oliver provides archive expertise, and you can Like Almost Tuesday on Facebook and follow our Twitter and Instagram @almost_tuesday

Monday, July 11, 2016