Almost Tuesday #34 With Passive Aggressives Anonymous, Madelein Smith, Malcolm Whitfield, Kara Maillie, Braden Stewart, Zach Slavny and Phil Bowen

Hitch your wagon to this special episode of Almost Tuesday and don't stop until you've crossed a continent of funny! We are proud to have hosted the first full band in WAYO's new performance space, Passive Aggressives Anonymous, who played a whopping five songs live! Also comedy power couple Madelein Smith and Phil Bowen talk to us about their plans to move to the big city and writing their forthcoming web series, Kara Maillie tells us a harrowing story of woman vs. snake, Woody and Malcolm Whitfield do the Chronicles of Nonsense as Chris Thompson's flight was delayed (much love for Chris' hilarious script) and Zach Slavny stops in to throw in his 6 or even 8 cents! This week's sound colllage by Braden Stewart is NOT TO BE MISSED, and you can hear all the great WAYO programming at and find us on Facebook as well as Twitter and Instagram @almost_tuesday

Monday, July 25, 2016