Almost Tuesday #36 With Vinny D., Barbarosa, Brian Leonard, Andrea Springer and Braden Stewart

TWO LEGS ARE BETTER on this week's jam-packed installment: Woody interviews comedian Vinny D. on the eve of his competing the semi-finals of the Funniest Person in Rochester Contest, Andrea, Kara, and Zach Slavny perform a sketch "Fun at Four Legs Farm!", the new band Barbarosa perform their first single live in studio, Braden Stewart sends in a new sound collage, and author Brian Leonard stops by to read an excerpt of his latest literary reboot, "Millenianimal Farm." Also here everybody in the grab bag where we talk about Candyman and finding cows in all the wrong places. This show was written by Kara Maillie, Andrea Springer, Brian Leonard, Zach Slavny and Woody and produced by Kara and Malcolm Whitfield. Nicole Oliver is our Archive Oracle. Full archive of eps and all the great WAYO programming: IG and Twitter @almost_tuesday We miss you Jon.

Monday, August 8, 2016