Almost Tuesday #37 Special One Year Anniversary with Dan Maslyn, Ben Sheridan, Andrea Springer, Zach Slavny and more!

OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW! WHERE IS WOODY? Woody's missing, but the show must go on and Kara and Malcolm must host it on the fly! Making radio history, Dan Maslyn does the first ever live stand up comedy in the WAYO performance space, also music guest Ben Sheridan plays two beautiful songs live, Kara and Andrea roast Woody in absentia, Zach Slavny arrives for a mysterious rendezvous, Andrea and Braden Stewart have a battle over sound collage supremecy! Also Hannah Weidner and Zeke Gazda stop by to say hello, and tons of surprises happen throughout the program! Special thanks to Jarret Whetstone for engineering the performance space and being awesome. Like our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @almost_tuesday, and check out all of our past programs and all of the other great programming on

Monday, August 15, 2016