Almost Tuesday #38 With Bob Holzwarth, Members of Pleistocene, Chris Thompson, Brian Leonard and Andrea Springer

Alright kids, sit in your spot on the story carpet and listen to Mr. Battaglia! Tonight's episode features local comedian and comedy teacher Bob Holzworth, who chats about his 12 years in the ever-changing Rochester scene. Producers Malcolm Whitfield (DJ Green Bean Casserole) and Kara Maillie press all the buttons, Cammy Enaharo and Katie Preston from Pleistocene delight our ear drums with two live songs in the WAYO Performance Space, and Brian Leonard forces us to listen to some IMPORTANT INFO. Woody expresses concern about the education system while Chronicles of Nonsense's Chris Thompson is concerned about something else entirely. Braden Stewart refuses to send us his usual sound collage because he's a butt. Our grab bag includes Zach Slavny and Andrea Springer, who regales us with a harrowing involving sociopathic handwriting, and Kara tells us about boating peril! As always, listen to all the great programming on and follow us on Twitter and Instagram: Almost_Tuesday

Monday, August 22, 2016