The Very Best of Almost Tuesday Volume 2

Our second best-of, featuring comedians Jon Laurin, Kara Maillie, Malcolm Whitfield, Andrea Springer, Braden Stewart, Dan Maslyn, Zach Slavny, Brian Leonard, Chris Thompson, Megan Sassenhausen and Patty Farneth from Map to the Tsars, and WAYO station manager Mike Yates. Our live music guests: Passive Aggressives Anonymous, Moon Flat Miner, Katie Preston and Cammy Enaharo from Pleistocene, and Rosehip. A worrying audio message from Andrea Springer ended up in the mix somehow, and Special thanks to our call in guests Brandie Posey, her album Opinion Cave is at and Lucas Gardner, his novel Quietly From Afar, a Dark-Comedy Cartoon-Western is at Our show is produced weekly by Kara Maillie, Malcolm Whitfield and Jon Laurin, with social media by Andrea Springer and our archivist is Nicole Oliver. Every episode of Almost Tuesday is available at WAYOFM.ORG and you can find us Facebook and Twitter/IG @Almost_Tuesday

Hour 1:
:09 Cold Open: “Oregon Trail” from A.T. #34, 7/25/16
1:52 Live Music Perfomance of “Ninja” byPassive Aggressives Anonymous: from A.T. #34, 7/25/16
5:15 Call-in Segment: “Donor Chuck Engleberger” Braden, Woody, Mike Yates from A.T. #7, 1/11/16
20:00 Live Monologue: “Pizza History” Jim Watkins, written by Watkins and Kara from A.T. Preview, 10/26/16
24:36 Interview of Brandie Posey by Woody, Kara, Andrea, and Jon from A.T. #30, 6/30/16
45:14 Sketch: “Chorkie Chaster Stops In” Brian Leonard, Woody from A.T. #39, 8/29/16
52:43 Live Music Performance by Moon Flat Miner: “By The Lake” from A.T. #20, 4/11/16
58:57 Soundscape: “Braden Says” by Andrea Springer A.T. Best-of Vol. 2, 9/5/16

Hour 2:
1:00:38 Cold Open: “Not a Job On Mars Countdown” Woody, all, from A.T. #26, 5/23/16
1:02:08 Live Monologue: “Apology Letter” by Kara Maillie from A.T. Preview 10/5/16
1:05:00 The Chronicles of Nonsense: “Fear of a Black Cat” by Chris Thompson A.T. Preview 10/5/16
1:11:50 Live Music Performance by Katie Preston and Cammy Enaharo of Pleistocene: “Dump” from A.T. #38, 8/22/16
1:15:54 Call-in Segment: “Lucas Gardner On New NYC Showbiz Opportunities” from A.T. #19 from 4/4/16
1:35:51 Improv Team: “Map To The Tsars” Andrea Springer, Megan Sassenhausen, Patty Farneth from A.T. #35, 8/1/16
1:42:00 Live Stand-up Comedy in the WAYO performance: Dan Maslyn from A.T. #37, 8/15/16
1:48:49 Group Chat: “Julie Andrews Grab Bag” Kara, Malcolm, Zach Slavny, Woody from A.T. #39, 8/29/16
1:51:06 Live Musical Performance: “Mitchel” by Rosehip from A.T. #24, 5/9/16
1:54:06 Credits

Monday, September 5, 2016