Moon Landing: Real or Fake? with Kyle Baker, Braden Stewart, Brian Leonard and Tart Vandelay: Episode 42 from September 26th 2016

This week, the crew tries (and mostly fails) to get at the heart of the conspiracy: Moon Landing--Real or Fake? Chuck Engleberger, Almost Tuesday's biggest (and most disconcerting) fan calls in, and Dr. Feelsready chimes in to the debate to offer expertise and shameless self promotion. Molgy Spourdough calls in from the MOON to tell Woody about what's goin on in the lunar realm, and Andrea Springer and Producer Kara Maillie put in their two incoherent cents. Chris Thompson finds a hidden disgusting moon creature in this week's Chronicles of Nonsense, and Malcolm Whitfield pilots the motherboard, and the outstanding Tart Vandelay delivers on two live pieces that knock our socks and shoes clean off. This show was written by our production staff along with Braden Stewart (he's good again), Kyle Baker, and Brian Leonard. Follow Almost Tuesday on IG and Twitter @almost_tuesday and on Facebook and listen to all of the great WAYO programming at

Monday, September 26, 2016