Almost Tuesday #43 We Need a Mascot! with Jesse Winterhalter, Dan McArdle, and Brock Saltsman

Join us for a quest to discover the new Almost Tuesday mascot (spoiler, we fail)! Buffalo comedians Jesse Winterhalter and Dan McArdle stop by to talk comedy and self loathing. Chris Thompson returns with his weekly commentary 'The Chronicles of Nonsense.' Sketches this week are by Brian Leonard, Andrea Springer, and Braden Stewart featuring performances by Kara Maillie, Zach Slavny, Malcolm Whitfield, and your host. Also two gorgeous live songs by Brock Saltsman! Our show is live engineered and produced by Kara Maillie and Malcolm Whitfield and is hosted by Woody Battaglia. Listen to all of our archived episodes alongside all of the amazing WAYO programming on and please follow us on, and Twitter and Instagram @almost_tuesday

Monday, October 3, 2016