World's Worst SAT Review Class: Episode 44 with Ben Morey & The Eyes, Madelein Smith, Steve Wrigley, Chris Thompson, Andrea Springer and Katie Mueller

We try and fail at educational programming on this installment of the program. A scientist debuts her new testing on unlikely subjects, one of our favorite comedy guests Madelein Smith stops in to chat comedy and help Woody wrangle the irrepressible New Zealand native and comedian Steve Wrigley who calls in from the wilds of the Southern Tier, and Chris Thompson gives us a Chronicles of Nonsense befitting the most controversial fall holiday! Our music guests were too numerous to name, but suffice to say many players known as The Eyes backed up musician/songwriter/producer Ben Morey on his giant 'solo' project, Mt. Doom! Also hear the voices of Andrea Springer, Katie Mueller, Zach Slavny and Nicole Oliver. Our show was written by Woody Battaglia, Andrea Springer and Chris Thompson, and produced and engineered by Kara Maillie and Malcolm Whitfield. Nicole Oliver is our archive oracle and all our eps are available on and follow us on facebook, Twitter and IG @almost_tuesday

Monday, October 10, 2016