An Alternative to Real Medicine: Episode 45 from October 17th 2016

Woody's not feeling well and there is no alternative to medical care that's as much fun as calling up author and comedian Lucas Gardner to stay on the line for the entire program, which features a call from Lucas' Goo House alum and comedian Jon Schuta, an unexpected visit from two national political figures, a live massage demonstration on a scale never seen before, and Zach Slavny fills in for Chris Thompson on a very trippy Chronicles of nonsense! Also we hear from the Jack Surdam of Alternative Medicine courtesy of Braden Stewart and the OUTSTANDING band Darwin plays in the WAYO Live Performance Space! Sketches by Brian Leonard, Zach Slavny and Andrea Springer, additional acting by Mike Yates. AT is produced and engineered by Kara Maillie, Malcolm Whitfield and Woody Battaglia. More eps available on and follow us on, Twitter and IG @almost_tuesday Thanks.

Monday, October 17, 2016