75% Funded, Stretch Goals, and Anniversary Concert!

Stretch Goals

Wowee!! Thanks to your help, we are now 75% funded with just 6 days left in our campaign. If we can keep this pace up, we'll reach our $16,000 goal with time to spare and you will have ensured that WAYO will continue to broadcast throughout 2017.

Stretch Goals

Now that we're this close to the goal, some new destinations have come into view, as you can see above! Here's what each of these stretch goals will mean for you and the station:

  • If we're able to raise $19,000, the station will have the necessary funds to purchase a Basic Live Events Kit. The kit will include equipment such as mixers, CD players, turntables and microphones. For our past live events, we've had to rent this equipment which can be a burdensome cost. Purchasing the equipment will allow us to organize live events around the city more easily and more frequently.
  • If we're able to raise $21,000, the station will be able to purchase a Complete Live Events Kit. In addition to the equipment previously mentioned, the extra funds will allow us to purchase a PA system complete with speakers and stands. In other words, the station would own all of the necessary equipment for putting on a live event!
  • If we're able to raise $23,000, we'll add an entire extra disc to the Live At WAYO Compilation CD. All backers who have selected a reward that includes the CD (i.e. donations of $25 or higher) will receive this extra disc of additional performances recorded live in the WAYO studio.
  • If we're able to raise $26,000 ... well, let's not jinx it! We'll announce this stretch goal when we get a little closer.

First Anniversary Concert

Finally, please join us this coming Saturday, January 7th for WAYO's First Anniversary Concert at the German House (315 Gregory St). We'll have three great bands playing, including two from Buffalo making their Rochester debuts: Space is Haunted (Buffalo), Pengo (Rochester), and Slow Mutants (Buffalo). Doors will open at 7:30pm, music starts at 8:00, and there will be a $7 suggested donation.

Come out and celebrate, hear some great bands, and help us make sure there is another year of freeform fun, music, laffs, and ideas on WAYO!