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Please read before filling out the application.

WAYO is a non-commercial, low-power FM radio station owned by the Multi-Use Community Cultural Center (MuCCC), locally operated, and actively engaged with the Rochester arts and cultural community. WAYO’s mission is to provide expansive musical and cultural expression by emphasizing creativity, freedom, and diversity. Our vision for the station is that it will create engaging experiences for listeners by offering programs with wide-ranging and idiosyncratically curated music; original comedic, dramatic, and musical performance; interesting and relevant talk; and voices under-represented by other Rochester media. 


WAYO is currently accepting applications to create programming on the station. 

• We are looking for proposals for arts and culture oriented programming including but not limited to recorded music-based programs; variety shows; interview shows; talk shows; radio dramas; poetic performance; and experimentation.
• While legal restrictions apply (such as restrictions on language), programmers will be in control of the content of their programs and not have to adhere to a centralized format. 
• Recorded music-based programmers will be able to utilize music from their own collection, and we will provide equipment to support the use of all formats (compact disc; vinyl records; computer files, etc.). 
• The station’s studio has a large performance space that can accommodate musical, comedic, and dramatic performance and a control room large enough to conduct interviews. 

Application process

• Complete the application below and submit it.
WAYO staff will review your application. You may be contacted to arrange a phone or in-person conversation with station staff. 
WAYO staff will make recommendations to the MuCCC’s Board of Directors for their approval. 
WAYO staff will contact you after the discussion with the MuCCC board. 
• Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. As MuCCC board meetings take place on the first Monday of the month, applications received during the first half of a given month should expect to hear back from WAYO staff at the beginning of the following month while those submitting in second half of a given month might not hear back for two months. 

Next steps if accepted

WAYO staff will work with you to finalize details of your show’s duration, time slot, and production needs.
• An agreement between WAYO and yourself covering expectations and responsibilities will be discussed and signed. For all programmers, the initial contract will last for two months with the potential to renew.
• You will receive training from WAYO staff beginning in the spring of 2015, and begin broadcasting once the station is live.

If you have any other questions, please consult the FAQ or contact us at Thank you for your interest in the station and we look forward to reviewing your proposal!

If you have a short audio sample that you'd like us to hear, feel free to upload it here (MP3s only, up to 7mb).
Files must be less than 7 MB.
Allowed file types: mp3.

Availability - Please select ALL times for which you WOULD be available.

Of the times you selected, please choose your top 3 time slots, in order of preference.


Thanks for taking the time to fill out this application; we appreciate your interest in WAYO 104.3FM!