P-P-R #45: Music for the New Year--Dark Yet Bright, Brooding Yet Hopeful

Happy New Year, everyone! For the January 2nd episode of You're So Post-Post-Rock Right Now--the first show of 2017--I was in a bit of a mood. A dark, yet hopeful mood. In that spirit, this Goth-tinged playlist features the likes of Interpol, Fever Ray, Sigur Ros, Josef van Wissem, Father Murphy, Editors, and Exitmusic--plus New Year-themed songs from Death Cab for Cutie and Jeff Buckley. If you want some beautiful, moody, edgy, and slightly unsettling sounds in your ears, this just might be for you! (Pictured: album cover for Sigur Ros's "Kveikur")

Monday, January 2, 2017