Episode 331: Full Worm Moon

Oh yeah, it's the Vernal (not Venal, Ross!) Equinox and a Full Worm Moon to boot and we're back with an all new Sound of tomorrow for YOU! We got moon news complete with witchcraft tips for ll your Wiccan needs, we got an Unshelved Mystery (whoosh!), we got some fake old meats, and we got an Ozone Update! How'd we keep so on track this time? Hm. Must be the Worm Moon. Don't forget to check out our new EP with our hit tune "Pedantic Anticlimax" on side A and "Eclipse Water (in my drain)" on the B!

Music from The Squires of the Subterrain (The Official Band of the Sound of Tomorrow) off their new album Radio Silence available now at www.squiresofthesubterrain.com: "Whiskey Closet.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019