Alongside We Travel: Interview w/George Guida

Poet George Guida is back in the studio to talk about the anthology Alongside We Travel: Contemporary Poets on Autism edited by Sean Thomas Dougherty.


About George Guida:

George Guida is the author of seven books, three of which–Pugilistic (WordTech Editions), his third collection of poems; The Sleeping Gulf (Bordighera Press), his fourth collection of poems; and Spectacles of Themselves: Essays in Italian American Literature and Popular Culture (Bordighera Press), his second collection of critical essays–were published in 2015 . His poetry, fiction and essays appear in numerous journals and anthologies. He teaches writing and literature at New York City College of Technology, and serves as Senior Advisory Editor to 2 Bridges Review.  He is at work on three books: a novel, The Uniform; a book about poetry communities across the U. S., Virtue at the Coffee House, and a fifth collection of poems, In a Time When the Ghosts are Alive.


About Alongside We Travel: Contemporary Poets on Autism:


Alongside We Travel is the first literary anthology to gather over two dozen poets from Canada, the United States, the UK and Israel whose lives are intertwined or affected by the autism spectrum. Included in this anthology are poems from tutors and teachers, aunts and grandmothers, friends and siblings, and from poets with autism themselves. Most of the work here is by highly accomplished poet-parents of autistic children written in a variety of traditional and experimental forms. But be warned. Much of the work articulates the despair, guilt, anger, as well as the joy that arises from engagement with such a complicated and diverse disability. As the editor Sean Thomas Dougherty writes, “I can only hope the range of these poems teaches you, the reader, what they have taught me, the editor, about my own autistic daughter, about art, and how we can be brought together through language towards love.”

All contributor royalties earned on sales will be donated to Sharing the Weight, a small nonprofit out of Iowa doing a simple amazing thing: gathering people together to hand sew and make weighted blankets for autistic children.

Including poems by:

Meredith Bergmann
Yvonne Blomer
Matt Borczon
Kim Bridgford
Edward Byrne
Lauren Camp
Barbara Crooker
Lisa M. Dougherty
Sean Thomas Dougherty
Cheryl Dumesnil
Vivian Eden
Susan Elmslie
Rebecca Foust
Jennifer Franklin
Sherine Gilmour
Tony Gloeggler
Adam Grabowski
Sonia Greenfield
George Guida
Max Heinegg
Quraysh Ali Lansana
Joanne Limburg
Ayala Ben-Lulu
Shane McCrae
Megan Merchant
Kamilah Moon
Oliver De La Paz
Joel Dias-Porter
Connie Post
Celeste Helene Schantz
Angeline Schellenberg
Alison Stone
Emily R. Vogel
Joe Weil

Thursday, April 25, 2019