Episode 183: Probably the Bravest

In this yet another exciting installment of the Sound of Tomorrow, we're kicking it off old school with an adorable pupdate! The we're onto some science news covering napping, allergies, and Ross's buddy Elon Musk. Act 2 finds us discussing Trans rights in light of North Carolina's absurd "Bathroom Bills." Heather's hoping for a future full of Zee Foxes with cool lights while Ross is rooting for a nongendered option. What's your ideal future bathroom look like? We want to know! 585-542-5502 (we'll play your answer on the air) or jimmyspaceboy@gmail.com.

We cap it off with a little "quit being dumb" reminder and we're off!

Music today from Todd Bradley's "Bossa Nova for Lovers."

Wednesday, April 27, 2016