The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour: 7/11/2018

good morning! today's ep of The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour is here for you. i was feeling lucid today, and because of that, there is a lot of talking in there. thank you for listening. very good show today, i think. TUNE IN~
Anna St. Louis - Evermore
Night Shop - The One I Love
Anamon - Smash
La Sera - I Need an Angel
Cut Worms - It Won't Be Too Long
Calicoco - So I'm Told
Infinity Crush - Pete and Pete
Strange Ranger - House Show
Grapetooth - Violent
Harlem - Cloud Pleaser
Mothers - BLAME KIT
Sheer Mag - Whose Side Are You On
Great Grandpa - Fade
Wednesday, July 11, 2018