The One Good Dog Garbage Pop Radio Hour: 9/19/2018

THIS WEEK'S EP OF THE ONE GOOD DOG GARBAGE POP RADIO HOUR IS A BANGER. i mean, it's good. it's always pretty good; this week is also pretty good. i accidentally chose a song with a very fucking long drum solo to talk over, so stick around for that. tune in thanks <3.
Trust Fund - Would that be an adventure?
Tanukichan - Like the Sun
The Ophelias - General Electric
Mourn - The Unexpected
Long Neck - Mine/Yours
Queen of Jeans - More to Love
Stove - Mosquiter
Weakened Friends - Blue Again
No Thank You - Hell Bent
Say Sue Me - B Lover
Dude York - Moon
Night Shop - If You Remember
The Spirit of the Beehive - it's gonna find you
Wednesday, September 19, 2018