A Hollow Pillow Swank on the Swind #38

Bertolt Brecht - From A German War Primer
WattStax (Instrumental) - Weird Eye
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Cricket And the Genie
Cozy Boys - Drake - Wu Tang Forever ft. A$AP Rocky
Pffr - Superfine
Funny or Die - Sarah Palin at the Trump Rally
Madlib - Fallin
The Smurfs - Smurf Colored Glasses (clip)
Pogo - Data and Picard
Skinxbones - ≤†††∆∆∆†††≥
50 Cent - Amusement Park (acapella)
CreepyPastaJr - "They Never Learn" Creepypasta│by IPostAtMidnight
Jace D. Beats - Creepy Rap Instrumental
Talib Kweli - Get By (Remix) Ft. Mos Def, Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Busta Rhymes
Eddie Griffin - Supreme Mathematics, Melanin & Slavery
Sesame Street - Number Count
Talib Kweli and Z-Trip - Numerology
Noname Gypsy - All I Need (Feat. SPZRKT)
Fat Albert - Don't Go Telling A Lie
Public Enemy - Can't Truss It (Instrumental)
KNOWLEDGESPEAKSTRUTH - Chuck D Speaks on Bill Cosby
Akua Naru - The World Is Listening
Hurricane G - El Barrio
The Prodigy Vs Public Enemy Vs Manfred Mann - Shut ‘Em Up

Monday, October 3, 2016