FFRW 24 The Moon The Ocean and Her

Oh, Scufflin', I been up that lonesome road
And I seen a lot of suns goin' down
Oh, but trust me No low life's gonna run me around

On my chest the radiante star

 and the cry of peace of the Orixás

Lover had to leave me Cross the desert plain
Turned to me, his lady Tells me "lover wait"

It'll keep you boilin' in that poison
Only the truly twisted know so well
You don't need drugs to show you heaven, baby
'Cause there's plenty clean in hell

There's a room in his pallet
There's a pillow for his head
Sees an offshoot in his bottle
When he wants to see me dead

I don't know if I could fly a plane
Well enough to tail spin out your name
Or high enough to lose control completely
Honey, I'm thinking maybe
You know, just maybe

'cause God may forgive you, but I won't
Yes, Jesus loves you, but I don't
They don't have to live with you and neither do I
You say that you're born again, well so am I
God may forgive you, but I won't
and I won't even try

Tuesday, December 17, 2019