Homesick Tributaries

Homesick Tributaries: Exploring Cross-Currents in Music and Spirituality 

"Fathers and sons
holy mountains
all one day must return to the sea
wandering free like homesick tributaries"
-Christopher Paul Stelling

A weekly radio show exploring cross currents between spirituality and music.  

Guests share musical selections that have inspired them to ask the "big questions," as well as songs of their own that reflect where they're at in their journey.  

Homesick Tributaries is not an evangelistic or proselytizing enterpreise - rather, the goal is to understand what "spirituality" means  within the context of each guest's life and music.  Coming to know the particularities of each journey, we both come to understand just a tiny glimpse more of the vast and wonderful mystery - and are inspired with new quetions adn curiosities!


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