Ramble On

It's Improv radio with Zach Slavny, Malcolm Whitfield, Andrea Springer.
Featured guest interviews pave the way for scenic off the cuff radio drama.
Produced by Woody Battaglia and Kara Maillie.

Past Episodes

  • Episode 11 'A Dairy Farm at Midnight' Aired: Sunday, May 29, 2016

    The right of passage as a boy is the age old tradition of Cow tipping. It's what separates the tots from the titans. But what happens when the cow becomes your best friend and an up and coming Stand Up comic? These are the curve balls life throws our way and we must embrace them with our utmost serious attention.

    Featured Guest AND Improviser friend: Jeff Miller

    Host: Rob Ferries
    Co-hosts: Zach Slavny and Malcolm Whitfield
    Produced by the Insurmountable Woody Battaglia

  • Episode 10 'A Forest Fire In Alaska' Aired: Friday, May 27, 2016

    Dear sweet pines and needles! The world will always remember the day Alaska went up in flames. We will be sure to commend those who fought the great fire. Especially one brave man known as Sunshine Phillips. A man so remarkably dumb and lucky, who would solve all our problems in the future.

    Featured guest:Matt DeWaters (Secret Pizza)
    Improv friend: Frank Michael Storace (Nuts and Bolts Improv)

    Host: Zach Slavny
    Co-host: Malcolm Whitfield & Rob Ferries
    Produced by the impenetrable Woody Battaglia

  • Episode 9 'A Drive Up Diner, Where the Waitresses Wear Rollerskates' Aired: Thursday, May 19, 2016

    Welcome to Cheesy Eddies Roller skate burgers. We have a full list of sandwiches and shakes that will drive you wild (if our waitresses don't get you there first.) Please steer clear of all dead bodies you encounter on your visit. Things get cheesy.

    Featured Guest: Andrea Springer

    Improviser Friend: Seth Gottlieb
    Host: Malcolm Whitfield
    Co-hosts: Zach Slavny and Rob Ferries
    Produced by the Vundebah Woody Battaglia

  • Episode 8 'On the Set of The Matrix' Aired: Thursday, April 28, 2016

    Enter 'The Matrix' like you never have before. Released to the public for the first time ever, A re imagination of the hidden story of how this 1999 film could have been created. Explore the real enigma behind the SciFi thriller that broke all the rules.

    Featured Guest: Eli Flynn

    Improviser Friend: Conor McKeg
    Host: Malcolm Whitfield
    Co-hosts: Zach Slavny and Rob Ferries
    Produced by the Incraggable Woody Battaglia

  • Episode 7 'Pep Boys' Aired: Thursday, April 21, 2016

    Fossil fuel shortage is not only a national crisis, but a family crisis. When a father and his 3 sons resort to stealing oil they too end up sealing a lesson in becoming men.

    Featured Guest: Hannah Weidner

    Improviser friend: Jack Green
    Host: Rob Ferries
    Co-hosts: Malcolm Whitfield & Zach Slavny
    Produced by the ever present Woody Battaglia

  • Episode 6 'McDonnald's Playplace Ball Pit' Aired: Thursday, April 14, 2016

    Raising children is difficult. You need to supply them with opportunities to play, to pray, and to cut themselves with razor blades.

    Featured Guest: Chris Thompson
    Improviser Friend: Austin Scott
    Host: Zach Slavny
    Co-hosts: Malcolm Whitfield and Rob Ferries
    Produced By the unwavering Woody Battaglia

  • Episode 5 'St. Mary's Episcopal All girls Community Center in North Blanchett' Aired: Sunday, April 3, 2016

    The girls at this Community Center are out of control with demon tentacles. We have invited two heavy hitters to handle the situation, but can they handle each other?

    Featured Guest: Sam Snyder
    Improv Friend: Woody Battaglia
    Host: Malcolm Whitfield
    Co-host: Zach Slavny and Rob Ferries
    Produced by the all powerful JJ Pelechaty

  • Episode 4 'Waikiki, Hawaii' Aired: Thursday, March 31, 2016

    'I am Allumo. I am not a robot.' That non-robot human is good at everything he tries and its making us village folk suspicious.

    Featured Guest: Madelein Smith
    Improv Friend: Elijah Crocker
    Host: Rob Ferries
    Co-host: Zach Slavny and Malcolm Whitfield
    Produced by the very Cowabunga Woody Battaglia

  • Episode 3.00 'Ice Cream Mountain' Aired: Thursday, March 24, 2016

    Whos kid is this and why is he eating rocks? Well, you know what they say, 'It takes a whole mountain community and a lifetime to raise a child.' Joining us this week is 'Secret Pizza' singer/ songwriter Matt DeWaters.

    Host: Zach Slavny

    CoHosts: Malcolm Whitfield & Rob Ferries
    Featured Guest: Matt DeWaters
    Improv friend: Colleen McMahon
    Produced by: the great Woody Battaglia

  • Episode 2.00 'A porta potty' Aired: Thursday, March 17, 2016

    Our most Flatulatory episode yet. The magical Janet Pelechaty of 'Mixed Messages' joins the group to explain what the 'point' is. Our good friend Kate Armstrong joins us for the most perfect Buffalo wedding, some hot dogs, and a high stakes fairy tale ending.

    Host: Malcolm Whitfield

    Co-hosts: Zach Slavny & Rob Ferries
    Featured Guest: Janet Pelechaty
    Improv friend: Kate Armstrong
    Produced by: Woody Battaglia