Zug Island Sound

Past Episodes

  • Zug Island Wildlife Survey- Episode 3 Aired: Sunday, December 6, 2015

    We go in heavy on Acid & Jack House, so be prepared for tambourine and tom-drum madness.

    (bed) Greg Beato - El Dinero Falla
    Drexciya- Unknown IV
    Datahata- Cartesian Voices
    Mutant Beat Dance- Polyfonkicdizko
    Simoncino- Images
    Bobby Konders- Lost Nu Groove Track (Mix 2)
    Drewski- Wigged Out
    Tyree- Video Crash
    Dion & Toni- 1015
    Gavin Guthrie- 00707
    Ron Hardy- Sensation (OG Mix)
    Myriadd- Ever Onward
    2AM/FM- The Path
    Transformation- Sketch 1