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Mary Therese Friel & Kent Friel

Mary Therese Friel is a Former Miss USA, Ford Model, National Spokesperson, Author and Goodwill Ambassador. Her vast expertise in modeling and pageantry is backed by a combined 45 years of professional experience as a model, beauty queen, celebrity, agent and coach.

Mary Therese is the Founder and CEO of The Mary Therese Friel Modeling Agency. The company, which she opened in 1987, serves women, men, teens and children.

Kent Friel is the Executive Director at The Mary Therese Friel Modeling Agency. Their agency represents professional models and actors and provides training in the areas of Modeling, Acting, Pageantry and Self-Development. His work exists behind the scenes so their clients can have opportunities that put them in the spotlight, where they can thrive.

Mary Therese and Kent have been blissfully married for 20 years. When this couple is not working with their modeling clients, they enjoy spending time with their family, serving at their church, volunteering for charitable causes, horseback riding and skiing.

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