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I enjoy local music, comedy, sports, the arts and entertainment in general. I've always wanted to be involved in radio and when the opportunity came by for a show on WAYO I couldn't resist. The ROC Show's concept is to really showcase local original bands from Rochester, NY whether they are in the now or from the far reaching telephone booth time tunnels of the ever growing yesterday. Contemporary and Throw-back. I include 1 out of town band per week in support of the original music scene from the upstate NY region as well. I do this from a non-bias perspective. I am an avid Buffalo Bills fan so there is sports talk in regards to our "home" team. The show also supports local Rochester businesses and our goal is to have one guest per week from the community in regards to this aspect. I'm thankful for the opportunity to break chops live on the air with my co-host/hetero life mate Ian Grant.

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