WAYO's Annual Fundraising Campaign Is LIVE!

Today is the launch of WAYO's annual fundraising campaign which is taking place at https://donate.wayofm.org! WAYO has established itself as a source for inventive and engaging programming as well as an amplifier for arts & culture in Rochester. It is hard to remember a time when WAYO didn't exist. We need your support to make sure WAYO continues through 2018 and beyond!

New this year is the opportunity to make reccurring monthly donations. By pledging $5 or $8, you can make an a huge impact for the price of a coffee or two a month! Additionally, those who make monthly donations will be WAYO members! Members will receive free admission to WAYO events, discounts on merchandise, and benefits at businesses such as Bop Shop Records and Small World Books. Besides membership, other perks include a pin designed by Nick Gurewitch; a sticker by Jimmy Fillingeri; a shirt by Rebecca Soriano; a portrait by Ray Ray Mitrano; and inclusion in a mural by Theivin' Stephen.

Show your support for the over 100 programs made by nearly 200 of your friends and neighbors! Show your support for radio that puts creativity over profits! Show your support for the diverse and vibrant community that has developed around WAYO! We couldn't have made it this far without you, and with your help we can go even further. Please go to https://donate.wayofm.org and make a donation today!