Mixed Messages Radio

JJ and Joey are related, but they can't remember how. They've traveled far and wide to bring you the most entertaining radio hour you'll ever hear, so try it out why don'tcha? Every wonder how you sneak into an abandoned building? Are you curious how many coats of nail polish it takes to reattach a broken car mirror? Well, they've done the research and the results are in! Mixed Messages Radio will bring you all of the information you need to look cool with your friends AND key phrases to use to avoid your family! It's a win-win!

Past Episodes

  • Mixed Messages Radio 178 (Part 1) - Pilot Impressions and Some Viral Challenges Aired: Monday, April 8, 2019

    On this PART 1 of a special two-parter, JJ and Joey suddenly become pilots and they sooth you with their new pilot voices. Can they fly this plane? Is there a doctor in the hose? Also: What is the parmesan challenge? You have to listen to find out! Also tunes from: Dance Gavin Dance, The Killers, Jimmy Eat World, All Time Low, Tobacco and GUNSHIP!

  • Mixed Messages Radio Episode 178 (PART TWO) - Pilot Impressions and Some Viral Challenges Aired: Monday, April 8, 2019

    On this continuation episode, Joey Polish and JJ get the tech team LIVE in studio to help them hook up MORE SOUND EFFECTS. They then continue to play these BIG SOUND EFFECTS as well as tunes from: The Darkness, System of a Down, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Birthday Massacre and Arctic Monkeys.

  • Mixed Messages Radio Episode 179 - The Cat Whisperer and We Try and Call Mandy Moore Aired: Monday, April 8, 2019

    On this week's episode of Mixed Messages Radio JJ and Joey Polish dive pretty deep into poorly behaved cats. ALSO: Is JJ's dog a shitty-boyfriend-sniffer-outer? SHE HAS THE PROOF. Lastly, the gang try and call Many Moore and they get to leave a voicemail message! Tunes by: Blindside, Air Supply, Lil Nas X, Fleetwood Mac and Dolly Parton.

  • Mixed Messages Radio Episode 177 - Fugazi Jamboree Aired: Monday, April 1, 2019

    On this week's episode of Mixed Messages Radio, JJ. JP,. Mixed Whisker and some other guy (Woody) get together and talk about...? There's a lot to unpack in this episode - let's just say that. BUT YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS. Also tunes from: King Harvest, Slowdive, Luniz, Leonard Cohen, Simon & Garfunkel, & The Murder She Wrote Theme Song.

  • Mixed Messages Radio Episode 176 - Dolphins, she wrote! Aired: Monday, March 25, 2019

    On this week's episode of Mixed Messages Radio, Joey and JJ are out to solve a MURDER. One thing leads to another and they actually play a song made entirely out dolphin samples and THEN THEY FIND OUT THE ARTIST IS FROM THEIR HOME TOWN. They, of course, start a campaign to get this genius on the show but then again get sidetracked because JJ has...never seen The Office? All that plus tunes from: Kill the Noise, Primus, Cake, Gotye, Flowbots, JULIAN CASABLANCAS and Darude.

  • Mixed Messages Radio Episode 175 - The origins of the haunting in JJ Aired: Monday, March 18, 2019

    On this week's episode of Mixed Messages Radio JJ revels the origin to all of her haunted things and Joey Polish is hilarious and proves he is America's sweetheart ONCE AGAIN!

  • Mixed Messages Radio Episode 174 - Vlogger Radio Aired: Monday, March 11, 2019

    On this week's episode of Mixed Messages Radio, Joey & JJ become Vloggers (on the radio). They dress to impress, so why not make vlogs?! (Not wear clogs though) They also find out Michael Keaton has a brother in law that lives locally and they please listeners to put them in contact! Does the pair end up singing a very different version of Nelly Furtado's 'I'm Like A Bird?" YES. YES THEY DO. Also JJ tells the story of her haunted microwave (which is different from the one she just threw in a snow bank). Interested? Well Listen up, fools!

  • Mixed Messages Radio Episode 173 - SHOCK LOBSTER Aired: Monday, March 4, 2019

    On this week's episode of Mixed Messages Radio, JJ and Outrageous Jones (Joey Polish) discuss how 'Yee-Haw adgenda' is the new trend for 2019. They also discuss the terrifying discovery of some freaky things underwater and then they proceed to MAKE A SONG ABOUT IT. Not only that, they try and get GOD on the phone to answer some questions as to WHY he would create such monstrosities?!?!? All that plus tunes from: Royksopp, Blur, Tame Impala, Survivor, Counting Crows, The Republic of Tigers, Harvey Danger and Soundgarden. Don't miss this!

  • Mixed Messages Radio Episode 172 - Beanie Baby Tarot and A Shocking Twist Aired: Monday, February 25, 2019

    On this week's episode, Joey challenges JJ to make use of her recent thrift find: a full deck of Beanie Baby series 1 trader cards. So what do the team do? They make them into a tarot deck and give free readings. The results are strangely accurate - you don't want to miss this! Also tunes from: Fuel, Quiet Riot, Tiffany, Talking Heads, John Cena & Rage Against The Machine.

  • Mixed Messages Radio Episode 171 - Ms. Dyngus Day and Another Ghost Story Aired: Monday, February 18, 2019

    On this week's episode of Mixed Messages Radio, JJ and Joey RELIVE the terrifying ghost story of JJ's haunted car and then Ms. Dyngus Day herself, Woody from Almost Tuesday tells ANOTHER HORRIFYING GHOST STORY. How can this episode get better? Well, Joey claims his new nickname as 'Outrageous Jones' and they listen to 'The Counting Crows' Mister Jones over and over to really prove it. Also Tunes from The Darkness, Hum, Incubus, Flight of the Concords, Ramones and LINKIN PARK.