Maybe I'm Wrong November 10, 2015

I... think... this was my first show?  It was right around the time that WAYO came into existence.  There may have been a show even before this one, but it would have been internet only, not broadcast on the radio waves.  This is the first one that I could find a recording of.  You can hear that I'm a little nervous.  There's not much talking, just music.
1 Delta 5-  Mind Your Business
2 Pere Ubu- Two Girls (One Bar)
3 The Ex & Getatchew Mekurya- Ethiopia Hagere
4 The Sick Lipstick- Pretend I'm Sleeping
5 Agata- Team Pocket Pickering
6 The Dils- Class War
7 Richard Hell & the Voidoids- Blank Generation
8 Klikitat Ikatowi- Affirmation
9 The Ex- Human Car
10 The Panoply Academy Glee Club- Camp Keep the Quiet
11 Dirty Beaches- Speedway King
12 Calabi Yau [untitled]
13 VOID- Black, Jewish, and Poor
14 Double Dagger- Luxury Condos for the Poor
15 Lungfish- Friend to Friend in End Time
16 the 1985- Cosmo with Children
17 The Dead C- Hell is Now Love
18 XBXRX- [untitled]
19 Red Monkey- Essential Nutrients
20 OOIOO- Be Sure to Loop
Tuesday, November 10, 2015