Bouzouki Hour with The Greek

Hi! My name is Thanasi Psofios and I am your host for the BOUZOUKI HOUR WITH THE GREEK. My co-host is Mama Denas.

The music we play are popular Greek songs from the past and present with many famous singers/artists who are well known for their music. The Greek culture is alive with Greek music. Many of the songs have instrumental bouzouki music in their songs.

The type of music we play are: Dimotika, Laika and Rembetika. We hope you like our selections.
When the radio show is on, I post live videos on my Facebook page. Feel free to look at the clips during the show!

Past Episodes

  • Bouzouki Hour #20 Aired: Sunday, February 17, 2019

    This week we are playing rebetika and laika music.