Ed Downey's Music Show

Past Episodes

  • Decades 8-17-17 Aired: Thursday, August 17, 2017

    Jazz, Free Jazz, Free Improv,Modern Composer
    Duke Ellington    -    Jeep's Blues
    Steve Lacy    -    Robes
    Chris Chafe    -    Quadro
    Oliver Lake    -    Lef' Sided
    Rob Mazurek    -    Moving Through You
    Jackie McLean    -    Conformation
    Phillip Glass    -    Einstein on the Beach
    Thelonius Monk    -    Memories of You
    Crush the Junta    -    The Mist Rolls In
    Steve Reich    -    Music for Mallets,Voice & Organ


  • Decades - 08-10-2017 Aired: Thursday, August 10, 2017

    Duke Ellington    -    Jeep's Blues
    Charles Mingus    -    Folk Forms
    Keiji Haino Derek Baily    -    AruKanashik No Toruhiki
    pierre Boulez    -    Le Maarteau Sana Maitre
    Thelonious Monk    -    Littlle Rootie Tootie
    Salon de Musique    -    Su Tissue
    Elliot Sharp    -    Bean
    El Gruppo de Improvisatione    -    Springs Quartet
    Earle Brown    -    Music for Piano, Cello
    Sonic Youth    -    Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream
    Eric Dolphy    -    Epistrophy
    Greatful Dead    -    Dark Star

  • Decades 8-03-17 Aired: Thursday, August 3, 2017

    Duke Ellington    - Jeep's Blues
    Luciano Berio    - Sinfonia
    Spontaneous Music Ensemble    - One (Albert Ayler)
    Sonny Rollins  Coleman Hawkins    - All the Things You Are
    Schoenberg   - Zipper    Pierrot Lunaire
    Miles Davis    - I Fall in Love Too Easily
    Soldier String Quartet    - Five Little Monsters
    Art Ensemble of Chicago    - A Jackson in Your House
    David Rosenboom    - Systems of Judgment