Dopamine Dupe

You know that thing where everything is terrible, but then Dreams by The Cranberries comes on and suddenly everything is fine? That's Dopamine Dupe! It's the songs that bring you back from the brink // the SSRI of radio shows // your musical alternative to a labotomy. No genre, no gender, no thoughts, just vibes. Tune in, besties!

Past Episodes

  • Dopamine Dupe - Episode 40 Aired: Thursday, April 25, 2024

    THE DUPE IS 1 YEAR OLD! Tonight we’re blowing out the big proverbial candle & celebrating one whole year of the most unserious show on the airwaves with an hour full of only the most dopamine-rich jams out there. DJ She/They is super grateful for WAYO, & can’t wait for another, idk, probably 50 years of Dupe Nation!

  • Dopamine Dupe - Episode 39 Aired: Thursday, April 18, 2024

    Paying taxes? In *this* economy??? We’re singin’ the Capitalist Blues here on the Dupe, spinnin’ bop after bop about this endless rat race, & tryin’ to manifest some abundance. Because sometimes the government being cringey & using our taxes to help fund warfare no one agrees with while still only mandating $7.25/hr federally necessitates a playlist!

  • Dopamine Dupe - Episode 38 Aired: Thursday, April 4, 2024

    If you've ever thought to yourself, "Man, DJing on the radio is so very cool and hip, I bet only very cool and hip people do that," rest assured Dopamine Dupe is here to prove you very wrong! DJ She/They is showing their hand - nay, their whole deck - as a lifelong weird kid with a niche special interest, and inflicting that upon WAYO's listeners with all the gusto of the late great Ethel Merman. That's right, Dupe Nation, it's Broadway night!!

  • Dopamine Dupe - Episode 37 Aired: Thursday, March 28, 2024

    Hi Barbie!!! In perhaps the most anticipated episode to date, long distance bestie of the show DJ Monogram is finally here for her very own feature. We're spinning songs from cinema that shaped us, aka films where the vibes are slay & the men are irrelevant. Here on The Dupe, being a girl's girl is gender-agnostic, and tonight, the girls are girling!!!

  • Dopamine Dupe - Episode 36 Aired: Thursday, March 21, 2024

    The Equinox is upon us, the Eclipse is nigh, & Mama Gaia is truly *on one* out there. The parade of extra special guest DJ's this March continues with the return of DJ Lil Lemon & DJ Zaddy (one half of the Mama's and the Papa's way back on DD Ep. 8) as we honor the gods and prepare for a bountiful harvest the only way we know how - with the campiest Cher track of all time.

  • Dopamine Dupe - Episode 35 Aired: Thursday, March 14, 2024

    Super Groups on the Dupe! We've got a studio full of pals, hearts full of love, bops full of dopamine, and veins full of dangerous amounts of caffeine. DJ She/They is joined once again by dear pal DJ Lil P, along with the long-awaited radio debut of Thee DJ Monogram, as the three (with the help of a live studio audience of one) confer about what it means to collab with your besties, and whether or not their hearts are gonna explode!

  • Dopamine Dupe - Episode 34 Aired: Thursday, March 7, 2024

    The good Lorde once said "It feels so scary getting old." Grow up, girl!!! Tonight on the Dupe, DJ She/They & Mommy City are embracing the terrifying passage of time and spinning bop after bittersweet bop about the years flying by. Getting older is a gift, babes, so gobble up every hehe-haha you can before we shuffle off this mortal coil!

  • Dopamine Dupe - Episode 33 Aired: Thursday, February 22, 2024

    Grab those sunnies, Dupe Nation. There are few things in this world that deliver a stronger surge of dopamine than that first glimpse of sunshine after a long-ass stretch of grey, and tonight we're chasing that high by spinnin' songs dripping in that sunshiny feeling. Enjoy the thaw!!

  • Dopamine Dupe - Episode 32 Aired: Thursday, February 15, 2024

    On the radio equivalent of Margot Robbie's Cowgirl Barbie costume, we're spinning non-stop Women of Country bangers here on DD. From Loretta & Dolly to Gaga & Yoncé, we've got a full hour of dopamine & rhinestones, so yee - and I cannot stress this enough - haw! ✨


  • Dopamine Dupe - Episode 31 Aired: Thursday, February 1, 2024

    This episode is dedicated to all the special like-minded souls out there who also only suffer through the Big Game to get to the costumes, choreography, and unapologetic pageantry after Q2 <3 This week, DJ Dad returns to Dopamine Dupe Drafts to duke it out in our closest battle yet, the best of the Superbowl Halftime Show. And this one's extra jam-packed with factoids, trivia (only some of it is football-themed, promise), and best of all, loud opinions!