Numbers - Episode 151 - 2019-01-04

International Harvester - I Mourn You
High Rise - Pop Sicle
The Dead C - The Prisoners
This Heat - Rimp Romp Ramp
Bardo Pond - Silver Pavilion
Bruce Russell - Brakeman's Blues
Mark Morgan - Gentleman's C
Tongue Depressor - Dronerdie
Willie Lane - Mind Herb Gardens
Jon Collin - Across the Water
Ryley Walker and Daniel Bachman - Devil in the Old Dominion
Maxine Funke - Wake Up Dreaming
Charles Noyes, Owen Maercks, Henry Kaiser, Greg Goodman - The Girl Mad About Honey
Paul Flaherty and Chris Corsano - The Beaming, Drunk-faced Sun
Hermoine Johnson and Stefan Neville - Rescuers
Daniel Bachman and Ian McColm - ITTMT
Bill Orcutt - Neu Bros
Mike Cooper - Legong / Gods of Bali
MKWAJU Ensemble - Flash-Back
Burnt Hills - Round Lake


Friday, January 4, 2019