All music show featuring psych, krautrock, free-noise, free-jazz/improv, experimental, and all things weirdo. New and old, themed (New Zealand noise rock, Japanese psych, guitar-centric, label-centric themes, etc), live sets, and interviews with local and touring musicians. 



Past Episodes

  • Numbers - Episode 410 - 2024-06-28 Aired: Friday, June 28, 2024

    Dirty Three - Love Changes Everything (part I) (from Love Changes Everything LP on Drag City)

    Bardo Pond - Out Of Reach (from Under The Pines LP on Fire Records)

    Bill Nace - Clips II (from Clips II LP on Ultra Eczema)

    Lovely Midget - Still Rain (from s/t CD on Corpus Hermiticum)

    No-Neck Blues Band - Ye Boned Ragas A Garden Obey (from The Birth Of Both Worlds 2CD on Sound@One)

    Jon Collin - The Honour and Glory of Whaling (from The Other Dead Sea LP on Laboratorio Palestro)

  • Numbers - Episode 409 - 2024-06-21 Aired: Friday, June 21, 2024

    Michael Zerang and Tashi Dorji - Sciamachy (from Sciamachy LP on Feeding Tube)

    Jon Collin - The Land (from The Other Dead Sea LP on Laboratorio Palestro)

    Jon Camp - LIVE ON WAYO

    Joseph Allred - The True Light (from The True Light LP on Worried Songs)

    Six Organs of Admittance - Summer's Last Rays (from Time is Glass LP on Drag City)

    Diamanche A Bamako - Wato To (from Ca Va Chauffer LP on Sahel Sounds)

    Enos Slaughter - Tuol Sleng (from Saloth Sar CD on Sound@One)

  • Numbers - Episode 408 - 2024-06-14 Aired: Friday, June 14, 2024

    75 Dollar Bill - Intro Cont’d / Hollis (from Wooden Bag LP reissue on Other Music Recording Co.)

    Water Damage - F*ck This: Reel 11 (from 2 Songs LP on 12XU)

    Dissolve - Strand (from That That Is... Is (Not) CD on Kranky, Chris Heaphy, Roy Montgomery)

    Gate - Julian Dashper Gate Experimence I (from Golden CD on IMD, featuring Michael Morley, Julian Dashper, and Robbie Yates)

    Majutsu no Niwa - La Vena (from Frontera 2LP on New Vague Records, featuring founder Fukuoka Rinji of Overhang Party)

  • Numbers - Episode 407 - 2024-06-07 Aired: Friday, June 7, 2024

    Water Damage - EEE (from in E 2LP on 12XU)

    Bardo Pond - Moonshine (from Ticket Crystals on Fire Records)

    Alexander - VI (from s/t LP - self-released)

    Bill MacKay - Dragon Country (Fountain Fire LP on Drag City)

    Gate- Lounge (from Lounge CD on Twisted Village, featuring David Merritt)

    The Lowliest One - Live On WAYO (Peter, Mike, Zoots. from Kingston NY)

    The Lowliest One - Interview

    Roy Montgomery - Jaguar Meets Snake (from Temple IV 2LP reissue on Kranky)

    Double Morris - solo Live on WAYO (aka Zoots Houston)

  • Numbers - Episode 406 - 2024-05-31 Aired: Friday, May 31, 2024

    Bardo Pond - Blues Tune (from Refulgo 2LP on Three Lobed Recordings)

    The Handover - The Handover (Part 1) (from s/t LP on Sublime Frequencies)

    People Skills - Trail Of White Flies (from 8" lathe cut on No Label from NZ)

    Michael Morley and Joachim Nordwall - An Island Is An Island (Part 2) (from An Island Is An Island CD on Stoned To Death)

    S.Glass - Confiscating The Flight Attendant (from 8" lathe cut on No Label from NZ)

    Gastr del Sol - Dictionary of Handwriting (live) (from We Have Dozens Of Titles 3LP boxset on Drag City)

  • Numbers - Episode 405 - 2024-05-24 Aired: Saturday, May 25, 2024

    Bardo Pond - Green man (from Lapsed LP on Matador)

    John Fahey - Thus Krishna On The Battlefield (from Fire Forward Voyagers LP on Takoma)

    Riley Pucket - I'm Ragged But I'm Right (from Waitin' For The Evening Mail LP on County Records)

    Bill MacKay and Ryley Walker - The Grand Old Trout (from SpiderBeetleBee LP on Drag City)

    Myriam Gendron - Lully Lullay (from Mayday LP on Feeding Tube and Thrill Jockey)

    Anisa Torila - Uotaaref Men Eilhabek (from Music of North Africa LP on Olympic Records)

  • Numbers - Episode 404 - 2024-05-17 Aired: Friday, May 17, 2024

    Bardo Pond - Fir (from Peace On Venus LP on Fire Records)

    Chris Forsyth With Gracia Peoples - Dreaming In The Non-Dream (from Peoples Motel Band LP on Algorithm Free)

    Pelt Part Wild Gate - A (from Hung On Sunday LP on MIE)

    Garcia Peoples - Wasted Time (from Nightcap At Wits' End LP on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)

    Mountain Movers - Clearview Hwy (from New Jam EP on C/Site Recordings)

    Myriam Gendron - Terre Brulees (from May LP on Feeding Tube and Thrill Jockey)

    Joseph Allred - Man Of Shame (from Folk Guitar LP on Feeding Tube)

  • Numbers - Episode 402 - 2024-05-03 Aired: Friday, May 3, 2024

    Bardo Pond - Destroying Angel (from Ticket Crystals 2LP on Fire Records)

    Headroom - Over Easy (from Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere 4-way compilation LP on C/Site Recordings)

    Angus MacClise - Untitled (from Dreamweapon III LP on Boo Hooray)

    Les Rallizes Denudes - La Fleur d'hibiscus (from La Fleur d'hibiscus CD, comes with The Last One (Poésies : Les Rallizes Dénudés) — Book on The Last One Musique)

    Bitter Wish - untitled (excerpt from Candle Finger LP on Carbon Records)

    Full Size - untitled (from s/t cassette on Open Mouth)

  • Numbers - Episode 401 - 2024-04-26 Aired: Friday, April 26, 2024

    Water Damage - EEE (from In E 2LP on 12XU)

    Joseph Allred - The Star Against Heaven (from Folk Guitar LP on Feeding Tube)

    Suncook - untitled (from untitled cassette)

    Juho Toivonen - Siella Jossakin (from Sisarusten Toistuva Uni LP on Discreet Music)

    The Dead C - Outside (from Whitehouse 2LP reissue on Badabing)

    Pumice - Where You Helmet Laddd. (Live) (from MIserable Poison 2CD on Fordaming Arkiv)

    Dean Roberts and Guy Treadgold - untitled (from 12" lathecut on Cassavetes)

  • Numbers - Episode 400 - 2024-04-19 Aired: Friday, April 19, 2024

    Bardo Pond - Every Man (from On The Ellipse 2LP reissue on Fire Records)

    Les Rallizes Denudes - Vertigo Otherwise My Conviction (from The Oz Tapes 2LP on Temporal Drift)

    Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Ame Debout (from Ame Debout LP reissue on Anthology Records)

    Loren Connors - untitled (from Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations Vol 1 LP reissue on Feeding Tube)

    Headroom - untitled (from Open Magic System split cassette with Burnt Hills on Spiral Editions)