All music show featuring psych, krautrock, free-noise, free-jazz/improv, experimental, and all things weirdo. New and old, themed (New Zealand noise rock, Japanese psych, guitar-centric, label-centric themes, etc), live sets, and interviews with local and touring musicians. 



Past Episodes

  • Numbers - Episode 340 - 2022-08-12 Aired: Friday, August 12, 2022

    The Choke - Top Man (from The Buntingford LP on Zaius Tapes)

    Tall Dwarfs - The Brain That Wouldn't Die (from the Unravelled: 1981-2002 boxset on Merge Records)

    Camp One - The Anvil (from Revengeful Is The Mask Of Darkness LP on Zaius Tapes)

    Guided By Voices - Hey Hey, Spaceman (from Devil Between My Toes LP on Scat)

    Puppet Wipes - I Was Injured On The Job (An Ode To Workers Compensation) (from The Stones Are Watching And They Can be A Handful LP on Siltbreeze)

    XV - I Used To Have A Perfect Mouth (from Basement Tapes LP on Half A Million Records)

  • Numbers - Episode 339 - 2022-08-05 Aired: Friday, August 5, 2022

    Headroom - Skyliner (from the New Heaven LP on C/Site Recordings)

    Primordial Undermind - When I Was a Dune (from An Imaginal Abydos LP on Deep Water Acres and Sunrise Ocean Bender)

    Faust - Morning Land (from Punkt LP in the Faust boxset 1971 - 1974 on Bureau B)

    Parashi - Winding Song (from the forthcvoming Vinegar Baths CD on Carbon Records)

    Pelt - Empty Bell Ringing In The Sky No. 4 (from Rob's Choice CD on VHF)

    Nathan Bowles - In Kind II (from Plainly Mistaken LP on Paradise of Bachelors)

  • Numbers - Episode 338 - 2022-07-29 Aired: Friday, July 29, 2022

    Bardo Pond - Destorying Angel (from Ticket Crystals 2LP on Fire Records)

    Rangda - Fist Family (from False Flag LP on Drag City)

    Pelt - Empty Bell Ringing In The Sky No. 5 (from Empty Bell Ringing In The Sky CD on VHF)

    Liam Grant and Grayson McGuire - interview and performance

    Pelt - Burning (from Burning / Filament / Rockets CD on Econogold Records)

    Jack Rose - Red Horse (from Red Horse LP on Eclipse Records)

    Alexander - untitled (from The Pale Light Over The Dark Hills LP on C/Site)

  • Numbers - Episode 337 - 2022-07-22 Aired: Friday, July 22, 2022

    Bardo Pond - Before (from Volume 1 LP on Fire)

    Michael Morley - Forever In True Core (from Heaven's Idleness Awaits on Thin Wrist)

    Pelt - Road To Catawba (from Pearls From The River LP on VHF)

    Sosena Gebre Eyesus - When We Saw Him (from s/t LP on Little Ax)

    Loren Connors - untitled (from split cassette with Chris Forsyth from the Contrast series on Preservation Music from Australia)

    Carioca - Manha Oriental (from Mysteries of the Amazon LP on Brasil Arts)

    Liam Grant - Repaying Old Debts (from Swung Heavy: Gitarr for Fanatics)

  • Numbers - Episode 336 - 2022-07-15 Aired: Friday, July 15, 2022

    Der Tpk - The Medieval (from the Harmful Emotions LP on Siltbreeze)

    Donald McPherson - Fragile Cargo (from Some Songs LP on DLANAMP)

    Puppet Wipes - Jennys Crurophilia Fantasy (from The Stones Are Watching And They Can Be A Handful LP on Siltbreeze)

    Alastair Galbraith - Marquesite Lace (from Seely Grin CD on Feel Good All Over (originally on Xpressway))

    Gu-N - B2 (from s/t LP on An'Archives)

    Ki - Untitled (from the Tearful Face Of My Cute Love (Is Begging To Me) LP on An'Archives)

    Can - Graublau (from the Lost Tapes 5LP boxset on Spoon)

  • Numbers - Episode 335 - 2022-07-08 Aired: Friday, July 8, 2022

    Dirty Three - Warren's Lament (from Horse Stories 2LP on Touch and Go)

    Bardo Pond - Just Once (from s/t 2LP on Fire)

    Elkhorn - Fish (from Lionfish LP on Elderdown)

    Bill Nace - Live in Jersey City (from Live in Jersey City cassette on Sound Holes)

    Jon Camp - Beyond Alms (from s/t CD on Centripetal Force)

    Moon Bros - Jitterbug Waltz II (fro Le Has Mystique cassette on Husky Pants)

    Operation Segerpil - The Elephant Song (from s/t CD on Forfall)

    Surface of the Earth - Sea of Japan (from s/t 2LP on Thin Wrist, originally on Corpus Hermiticum)

  • Numbers - Episode 334 - 2022-07-01 Aired: Friday, July 1, 2022

    Bardo Pond - The Rebis (part 2) (from Adrop 2LP on Three Lobed)

    Lee Renaldo and Thurston Moore, with Allen Ginsberg - Hum Bom! (from The Fall of America 2LP on ALlen Ginsberg Foundation)

    High Rise - PSF (from Psychedelic Speed Freaks LP on PSF)

    La Dusseldorf - La Dusseldorf (from La Dusseldorf LP reissue on 4 Men With Beards - post Neu project founded by Klaus Dinger)

    Pauline Oliveros and Reynols - Micro/Macro Wind Dance (from the Half a Dove in New York, Half a Dove in Buenos Airies LP on Smalltown Supersound)

  • Numbers - Episode 333 - 2022-06-24 Aired: Friday, June 24, 2022

    The Velvet Underground - The Gift (from the Live at the Gynamsium 2LP on Velvet Underground Appreciation Society)

    Heavenly Bodies - A View To Beauty Of Form (from the White Dwarf LP on Hevily Bodied)

    Water Damage - Reel 2 (from Repeated LP on 12XU)

    Emily Robb - untitled (from the Bill Nace and Emily Robb tour cassette on Open Mouth)

    A Band – Artex (from the Artex / A Lot LP on Siltbreeze)

    Stefan Christensen & Friends - A Message For This Day (from Unknown Fortune LP on C/Site Recordings)

  • Numbers - Episode 332 - 2022-06-17 Aired: Friday, June 17, 2022

    Bardo Pond - Inside / Aphasia (from the 2LP Dilate on Matador)

    Suishou No Fune - Becoming A Flower (from Prayer For Chibi LP on Holy Mountain)

    Popol Vuh - In Der Halle Des Lernens (from Die Nacht Der Seele LP on Wah Wah)

    Derek Bailey - An Echo In Another's Mind (from Aida 2LP on Honest John's Records)

    Keiji Haino - First Blackness (from A Challenge To Fate CD on CDSA)

    Bill Nace - Both (pt 1) (from the Both LP on Drag City)

    Emily Robb - Deeper Than Dust (from How To Moonwalk LP on Petty Bunco)

    Rob Noyes - Nightmare Study (from 7")

  • Numbers - Episode 331 - 2022-06-10 Aired: Friday, June 10, 2022

    Kohoutek - Double Star (from the Jurad LP on Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube)

    David Nance - When I Saw You Last Night (from the Pulverized and Slightly Peaced LP on Petty Bunco)

    Heldon - Jet Girl (from Interface LP on Bureau B)

    Ame Son - A Coup De Hache (from Catalyse LP on Wah Wah, originally on BYG Actuel)

    Chico Magnetic Band - Explosion (from s/t LP on Survival Research)

    Heavenly Bodies - Universal Resurrection (part 1) (from Universal Reserrection LP on Petty Bunco)