Numbers - Episode 389 - 2024-02-02

Parson Sound - India (Slight Return) (from the s/t 3LP boxset on Subliminal Sounds)

Bardo Pond - Flayed Wish (from Volume 8 LP on Fire Records)

Los Doroncos - A minor (from Sun And Fireworks LP on An'Archives)

Takashi Masabuchi, Ayami Suzuki, TOMO - side 1 (from Suikyo LP on An'Archives)

Light - Passing (from Turning CD on Wulitzer Jukebox)

Sunset Temples - Another (Future Blues) Sunday (from Another (Future Blues) Sunday CD on Another Sunday)

Arv & Miljo - Bellevue I (from Samling 2CD on Krim Kram)

Nehan - Nehan Side (from s/t LP on Drag City)

Omit - Segmentor (from inSec LP on Siltbreeze)

K-Group/Omit - Error (from storage LP on Fuestron)

Elkhorn and Mike Gangloff - Summerfield Raga (from Shackamaxon Concert LP on VHF)

Aye Aye - Sleep Day (from s/t LP on Richie Records)

Friday, February 2, 2024