Numbers - Episode 396 - 2024-03-22

Alumbrados - Parzufim (from Monochord LP on Important Records)

Don Cherry - Dissolution (from Om Shanti Om LP on Black Sweat Records)

Chaitanya Hari Deuter - First Stage (from Kundalini Meditation LP - private press)

Organisation - Vor Dem Blauen Bock (from Tone Float LP reissue on Inner Space)

Jorge Boehringer - Last Song (from Low Guitars CD on Early Music)

Magic Tuber Stringband - Days of Longing (from Needlefall LP on Thrill Jockey)

Eduardo Polonio - Para Una Pequena Margarita Ronca (from Five Spanish Pioneers of Electronic and Experimental Music 1953-1969 LP on Sub Rosa)

Krung - Funeral Ceremony III (from Fungeral Gongs Ceremonies LP on Sub Rosa)

Spiral Joy Band - ...and Hit Damnation Switch... (from Pleasure Is The Headlight 2LP on Uzu Audio)

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Popinjay (from Verdun LP on Feeding Tube and Cardinal Fuzz)

Bardo Pond - Conjunctio (from Volume 9 LP on Fire Records)

Friday, March 22, 2024